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  • Built-in workflow

  • Configurable user interface

  • Configurable calculation rules for maximum flexiblity

  • Guaranteed accurate calculations

  • Full implementation, support, and maintenance services

PENFAX is an established defined benefit pension administration system that, once configured to your exact requirements, will save your organization both time and money.

PENFAX has continually evolved since 1979 and provides clients with the utmost flexibility in order to handle all complex pension administration requirements. The industry is constantly evolving, and so is PENFAX.

With the information you need always at your fingertips, the core PENFAX engine enables you to deliver outstanding customer service.

Case Study

Award-Winning PENFAX Implementation

JEA implemented the complete PENFAX suite for a major Canadian defined benefit client. The complete PENFAX suite provides full pension administration functionality for more than 600,000 members from over 130 employers. With over 99.93% accuracy in the very first payroll run for more than 300,000 pensioners, this implementation continues to provide solid and reliable functionality.

A collaborative consortium integrated PENFAX into the robust pension modernization solution and with these innovative tools in place, the client was able to improve service to its members and realize $29 million per year in efficiencies - winning an ITAC Ingenious Award in the process!
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  • Customizable

  • Easy to Use Interface

  • Accessible and Efficient

PENWEB is JEA’s internet-based, self-service product that provides members and payees easy access to their personal account information. With PENWEB, members are able to perform retirement, termination, and death estimates on their own. PENWEB gives payees the ability to change benefit deductions, review payments, purchase service calculations, and much more.

PENWEB is here to support the ever-growing user of online services and to allow our clients to experience the efficiencies that come with online support. PENWEB is customized to individual clients' standards, and with a smooth and user-friendly interface is ideal for all members.
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  • Streamlined self-service for employers

  • Accurate employee data

  • Tailored validation tests

Data Capture Tool (DCT) is a web-based application that simplifies membership data collection, validation, and consolidation and provides immediate feedback to all users in real time. Many pension administration organizations are looking to improve and automate processes that are outdated, time-consuming, and inefficient when it comes to employer reporting of data. DCT provides the solution.

DCT seamlessly facilitates information for pension, wage and contribution reports from multiple employers and is easily configured to your organization’s unique data validation rules. DCT can be installed with PENFAX or integrated with any other pension administration system of your choice.
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JEA's CSAR allow you to keep up with your evolving business

JEA’s Calculation Services and Rules (CSAR) allow you to keep up with your evolving business. Designed to operate independently of each other, these calculators are easily transferable between systems, making them flexible enough to meet your diverse and increasing needs. CSAR can be plugged into any of your pension systems with consistent results.

JEA’s CSAR are Java-based web applications supported across a variety of technology infrastructure solutions. Provided with a full test suite and backed by our Quality Assurance team, CSAR is extremely accurate and cost efficient.

Case Study

Creating Effective, Efficient Connections

Zero Defects 2014
With ZERO defects since implementation in 2014, JEA's Transfer Value Calculator handles the accurate conversion of service between 12 major pension plans with an easy to user interface.

Built to replace aging technology, the JEA Transfer Value Calculator exceeds client expectations producing results within 0.5% tolerance. This robust calculator utilizes Java technology, is extremely cost-efficient, and has flexible installation options.


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